Our Businesses

Building the Future Today

At Tanco Holdings Berhad, our diverse business portfolio reflects our journey since 1958, pioneering in sectors from property development to pharmaceutical. United by a commitment to innovation and excellence, each venture represents our dedication to sustainable growth and value creation. Explore how we’re shaping the future, one industry at a time.

Property Development

Tanco Holdings Berhad brings vast and deep experience to the property development sector. With access to large acres of landbank, we are uniquely positioned to create impactful and sustainable development projects. Our expertise extends to both the development and marketing aspects of real estate, facilitated by our real estate sales agency affiliate. This integration ensures professional services in marketing and sales, enhancing our reach in the property market.

Property Financing

Bizcredit Sdn. Bhd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tanco Holdings Berhad, ventured into the business of property financing. The purpose to have our own licensed credit community company is to provide complementary property financing as a total solution to all our property development projects that enables more flexible financing choices to discerning property owners.

Construction and Building Materials

At Tanco Builders Sdn. Bhd., our construction segment is pivotal in delivering infrastructure and building projects, emphasizing safety, timeliness, and efficiency. Our integrated approach, leveraging on our in-house construction materials segment, via Tanco Supplies Sdn. Bhd., ensures consistent quality, cost-effectiveness, and the timely availability of crucial resources. This strategy allows us to maintain control over our projects, ensuring they meet our high standards from start to finish.


The smart AI container port marks a transformative development for Negeri Sembilan, promising job creation, enhanced land values, and potentially leading to developing new industrial zones, as well as existing industrial zones, in close proximity to the smart AI container port, attracting both local and foreign investments. The port will also reinforce Malaysia's position in international trade and establishing the region as a key economic hub.

Industrial Park

Industrial Park development will serve as a strategic initiative to establish a trade, manufacturing and logistic ecosystem to enable and accelerate the state’s industrialization plans.


Our pharmaceutical business, via Herbitec (M) Sdn. Bhd., represents a strategic foray into the healthcare sector, signalling the company's vision for future growth and diversification. This new venture focuses on developing herbal-based treatment solutions that address prevalent health issues.


Strategic Alliances

Our success is also driven by strategic partnerships across various sectors. These alliances enable us to expand our reach, innovate, and create value for our stakeholders.

Collaborative Projects

We engage in joint ventures and collaborations that align with our vision and values, focusing on projects that bring mutual benefits and contribute to community development.