Property Development

Tanco Holdings Berhad brings vast and deep experience to the property development sector. With access to large acres of landbank, we are uniquely positioned to create impactful and sustainable development projects. Our expertise extends to both the development and marketing aspects of real estate, facilitated by our real estate sales agency affiliate. This integration ensures professional services in marketing and sales, enhancing our reach in the property market.

Integrated Approach

Our property development business benefits from an integrated approach, leveraging on:

  • Our real estate sales agency’s track record and sales agent network
  • Our construction segment’s capabilities in delivering both infrastructure and building projects that emphasize on safety, timeliness, and efficiency
  • Our in-house construction materials segment that delivers consistent quality, cost-effectiveness and consistent availability of resource.


This holistic approach to property development allows us to better manage every aspects of our projects, from inception to completion, ensuring the highest standards are met throughout.

Splash Park Suites

One of our marquee projects is the Splash Park Suites development at Dickson Bay, Port Dickson. This development is a testament to our capability to deliver large-scale, innovative, and community-centric projects. The project is backed by strong government support, with Port Dickson being recognized as one of the four key tourism growth areas under Malaysia’s National Tourism Policy 2020-2030. Such support underscores the strategic significance of Splash Park, both as a tourist attraction and as a catalyst for regional development.

On-Going Project

Splash Park Suites (Tower 2)

Service Suites (413 units)
Port Dickson
RM140 million
Approx. 90% sold
March, Year 2024

Upcoming Projects

Genium Park Condominiums

Condo (1250 units)
Approx. RM700 Million
4 years
Year 2025

Splash Park Suites (Tower 3)

Service Suites (417 units)
Port Dickson
Approx. 150 Million
3 years
Year 2025

Strategic Partnerships

Central to our growth strategy is the establishment of strategic partnerships with industry leaders. We focus on investing in growth businesses that complement and offer synergy to our existing operations. These partnerships are not just about expanding our business reach, they are about integrating innovative practices and tapping into new customer bases. By collaborating with leading companies in various sectors, we are able to leverage their expertise and resources, thereby enhancing our competitive edge in the market.

Gplex Realty Sdn Bhd

Tanco Holdings Berhad’s strategic move to acquire Gplex Properties Sdn Bhd, along with its associate company Gplex Realty Sdn Bhd, represents a significant enhancement of our capabilities in the real estate sector. This acquisition is aimed at boosting business synergy, promoting growth, and enhancing our sales and marketing abilities in property development. Gplex Properties, known for its proficiency in the real estate market, brings a wealth of expertise and a robust network, which is expected to considerably bolster our property development segment.


Archipelago International

Archipelago International is Southeast Asia’s largest privately owned hospitality group with rooms and residences in over 200 locations across SEA, Caribbean, Middle East and Oceania.

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